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INCAH is currently developing and implementing the following projects:

  • Development of the foundation INCAH
  • Woman Empowerment
  • Youth Empowerment and Development
  • Foster Child Assistance, Children Protection and Development
  • Health Mobile Clinic
  • Social Psychological Health Program
  • Reforestation and Tree Nursuries

Development of the foundation INCAH
INCAH is proud to announce a new project to support the memorial of Haiti. Reposoir IN-CAH, responsible for the memorial of Haiti.

Woman Empowerment
Building Women’s Leadership Capacity in the Disaster Efforts in Haiti. INCAH is empowering and supporting a group of women who are preparing a hot meal a day for people who are in dire need and have been victimized by the earthquake. Funds towards this program will provide the necessary supplies for this work. INCAH’s objective is to expand this program so that it can feed up to 2000 recipients a day before the end of the year.

Youth Empowerment and Development
The objective of this program is to support youth education and knowledge in many areas such as: environmental awareness, social awareness, health education, human dignity and civic duty. Also to empower youth by providing a network of youths in other countries in the world to exchange knowledge, experience and opportunities.  Read More.

Foster Child Assistance
The children and youth represent more than half of the population affected by the Haiti earthquake. Children and youth are on the one hand among the most vulnerable groups affected by the disaster. Read More.

Children Protection and Development
Child Survival activities are implemented to teach parents how to effectively protect their children from disease by complying to immunization schedules, and making sure they have sanitary conditions in which to live with clean and portable water.

Health Mobile Clinic
In order to access the disparate population affected by the earthquake INCAH is seeking funding to develop a mobile health clinic in order to reach the people who cannot travel to reach the other facilities.

Social Psychological Health Program
Because of the trauma caused by such upheaval in Haiti, many suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and need the support to regain the peace of mind to carry on each day.  Read More.