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Important Health information about Cholera

Cholera shots are important but according to the antigens the coverage varies. It varies from 50% t0 70%. Actually, the MSPP of Haiti have announced that a vaccine is being experiment against the the virus which affects Haiti originally from Nepal. Why do CDC is not recommended the vaccines after they have spent a lot of money to develop specifics vaccines for each trend.
I understand that Cholera is spread by 4 roputes that we call: The 4

1 Fluid 2 feces 3 fruits 4 food

For prevention:

1- Fluid is supposed to be well treated or boiled
2- feces need to be isolated and handle with care. hands washed after toilet is very important
3- fruits nee to be handle with caution i.e to be well washed (chlorine water)
4- food supposed to be well cooked

High temperature destroys the virus so does Ultra violet rays. Haiti has a good solar coverage “Thanks to the Lord”

Cholera is a good friend of insanity. For middle class  or upper class individuals respecting good Hygiene principles Cholera is well prevented.

Please check out the following website and ask your family physician. CDC does not recommend vaccination for Cholera.

Info regarding Cholera

Info regarding all vaccines

Joel Charles MD, MPA

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