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You can provide immediate support to INCAH through our PayPal account, via GHRCI, our U.S. donation manager.

100% of your donations go to supporting vital programs for earthquake relief, and ongoing sustainable solutions consistent with U.S. and U.N. goals.  Reference:  INCAH support for Haitian Recovery.

INCAH needs your support!

Plans for Single Family House Project - in the works!

We are also setting up additional donation services for your convenience. Please contact us on our main phone number for ways you can contribute in the meantime.

Tel (Haiti)
(509) 3694-1959
(509) 3418-8876

Tel (USA)
(609) 880-3313
(609) 447-0508

Additional Donation Items:

INCAH is especially in need of laptops. Please contact us at one of the numbers above if you have a old laptop that is still in good condition that you would love to pass on to support the education of the Haitian youth!