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INCAH Annual Report 2013

INCAH ANNUAL REPORT 2012-2013 Download PDF This is a summary report which includes the many activities conducted by INCAH such as the medical activities plus the results of the clinical findings conducted by the INCAH Organization in post-earthquake Haiti. It discusses the statistical findings from the sample populations in various localities mostly inaccessible remote, slums […]

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INCAH Proceeds to Food Distribution

INCAH proceeds to food distribution. Group of INCAH women presented themselves not only to receive education sessions on cholera, but to receive foods to support their children who benefit from the education sponsorship program.

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Social Psychological Health Program 7th session

Feast of Haiti discovery by Christopher Columbus. Children started with the national anthem. They pray and sing giving glory to god. They compete for best song. They play dominoes and cards. They received hands washing education and demonstration. They had snacks together. The meeting adjourned.

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List of Children supported by INCAH

We will be updating this list as it expands. 6th session of Social Psychological Health Program Teaching about voting for elections a president since we are one day prior the election day. Teaching about cholera and hand washing. We had 21 attendees. NAME AGE SCHOOL Stephanie Dorvil 16 Institut Des Jeunes Filles SniderĀ  Sanon 8 […]

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Dr. Joel Charles GeneralĀ  Coordinator November 10th, 2010 During the summer of 2010, the General Coordinator Dr. Joel Charles was in the East coast of the United States, particularly in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia area for fund raising activities for the benefit of the new organization named INCAH. Many people and organizations were […]

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