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Dr. Joel Charles Bio


Many years experience in Public Health and Development in the Caribbean, Africa and the United States.  Extensive background in the development, implementation and evaluation of Public Health and Emergency Programs including Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD’s), HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB) and febrile diseases, Expanded Program of Immunization (EPI), Integrated Control of Diarrheal Diseases (CDD), Chronic and Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI), Motivational, Youth and Women Programs.  Experienced in advocacy, training and development of prototype curricula for mobilization, education for various health professionals.

Joel S. Charles, MD-MPA 4 Buxmont Lane Willingboro, New jersey Tel: (609)880-3313, (609)447-0508


General Coordinator and CEO, 2010-present

Initiative Nationale pour la Coordinarion de L’Action Haitienne (INCAH)

Play a key role in the deliverance of the American AID, Coordinating AID programs as far as Food Distribution and Mobile Clinic to the refugees camps and the people victimized byf the Earthquake area of January 12, 2010  in Haiti. Development of psycho-social and empowerment approach toward affected population particularly youth, women and newly challenged individuals.

Campaign Volunteer-Community Coordinator, March to July 2008

Philadelphia Center City OBAMA 08 and  DNC Centers

Volunteering at many levels during the Primary and Presidential Election  of USA campaigning for Barak OBAMA  in Center City of Philadelphia including: voter registration, fund raising, mobilization and recruiting, and distribution of campaign marketing materials.

Medical Clinic of Musseau/Haiti 2002- to present

Medical Director and Public Health Consultant

Managed and provided clinical care to a catchment area of 30,000, supervising staff of 10 professionals, coordinated primary and secondary care, particularly planning, and infectious disease affecting fertility, sexual health and wellness. Provided consultation to several organizations in many capacities as evaluation manager, program director, health analyst, TB-Malaria-HIV/AIDS and STD coordinator.

Long Point Medical and Nutritional Center, Houston,Texas 2001-2002 Associate Physician

Responsible for Patient overall management and assisting with care coordination of patients.  Providing clinical assessment.  Assisting in small surgery and patient rehabilitation therapy.

H.O.P.E. Project – Black Alliance for AIDS Prevention, Houston, Texas 2000-2002

Project Director

Responsible for the coordination of coalition project developing a linked network of services involving HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Substance Abuse, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Mental Health and Primary Care.  Implemented gap analysis and needs assessment in preparation for Service Plan for Houston’s African American communities.

Haitian Centers Council – CDC Project, Brooklyn, NY 1999-2000

Project Director

Responsible for the coordination of Coalition Project, involving four disease components: Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse (SA), and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), and for survey implementation to assess consumer utilization of services and the extent of health disparities in the four disease components. Developed and implemented social mobilization stratgies to address health issues.

Health Regional Direction, South Kivu, Zaire; Burundi/Rwanda – Africa 1997‑1999

Health and Emergency Advisor (Consultant)

Responsible for the relaunching of National Programs on HIV/AIDS Control and Prevention and Tuberculosis Control, training physicians and other health professionals on project implementation.  Supervised and evaluated project.  In coordination with UNICEF and UNHCR, participated in the Regional Campaign against HIV/AIDS in the Great Lakes Region (Zaire, Burundi, Rwanda, and Uganda) and served as the president of the Mobilization Commission and as a Rotarian and as a committee member of the technical commission. Launched Mission d’encadrement Contre Les Risque des enfants Orphelins du Sida (MECREOS) in Kigali, Rwanda, a mission to support HIV/AIDS infected orphan children. Supported several national and international organizations in the planning, grant-writing, advocacy and funding negotiations for health and development initiatives in region.

Responsible for refugee assessment, including non-accompanied children. Developed Repatriation and Rehabilitation projects in the Great Lakes Region (Central Africa) during and after emergencies.

Health Advisory Group (Freelance), U.S.A., Haiti & Dominican Republic 1994-1997

Consultant and responsible for providing technical assistance to EUREKA in developing and implementing conference training programs for education and prevention of tobacco and substance abuse. Burlington, New Jersey (1997). Responsible for assisting several NGOs in conducting health assessments, seminars, and conferences in developing program guidelines, and implementing project interventions.  Performed program evaluation, planned and designed appropriate interventions to respond to various needs (education, health, water/sanitation, and human rights) of communities in Haiti.

UNICEF/ Haiti 1990‑1994

National Health Officer

Responsible for implementation of public health projects nationally as a coalition member of international agencies, such as Pan-American Health Organization/World Health Organization, (PAHO/WHO), United Nations Development Program (UNDP), European Union (EU), and United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Canadian International Development (ACDI) to support the Ministry of Health (MOH).

UNICEF/ Haiti 1992-1994

EPI and Emergency Project Officer

Responsible for providing leadership and direction for EPI management and evaluation nationwide. Regularly, collaborated with MOH officials and other partners, including NGOs, the UN and bilateral agencies in different stages of program implementation.  Directed and coordinated the Health Emergency programs when the MOH structure collapsed during the economic embargo, and ensured effective liaison with other sectors relevant to health needs.

UNICEF/ Haiti 1990-1994

Health and Nutrition Coordinator

Responsible for collaborating with MOH and other counterparts in the development of a Nutrition and ARI National Strategy. Monitored utilization of programs’ funds to ensure appropriate disbursement.

UNICEF/ Haiti 1990‑1991

CDD Program Officer

Responsible for monitoring the implementation of CDD programs nationwide including the supply and distribution of  ORS at various levels of the health care system.   Advised the MOH on appropriate long-term strategies in CDD and nutrition programs for integration with national services and programs’ sustainability.


Medical Clinic of Musseau/Haiti 1989-1997

Medical Director and General Practitioner

Managed and provided clinical care to a catchment area of 30,000, supervising staff of seven professionals, coordinating primary and secondary care.

International Child Care ‑ Crusade Against Tuberculosis/Haiti 1988‑1990

Regional Coordinator

Responsible for planning, coordinating, and supervising curative and preventative services to remote population in Western health district of Haiti, including BCG and other antigen immunization activities. In addition, coordinated a USAID funded community outreach intervention project in the Central Department. Coordinated two national vaccination campaigns, 1988 and 1989.

Professional Services Center for the Handicapped (PSCH)/NY, USA 1985‑1986

Case Manager

Responsible for coordinating services for mentally handicapped people including, psycho‑medical, residential and professional orientation in three boroughs of New York City.

St. Joseph Hospital – Jacmel – Haiti 1983-1984

Resident in General Medicine-Clinical Director

Provided care to inpaitents and outpatients, managed mobile clinic for the rural communities, and provided primary care to a target population of 10,000.


New York University, Graduate School of Public Administration (New York) 1986‑1988

Masters  Degree in Health Services Administration

State University of Haiti, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy (Haiti) 1977‑1983

Doctorate  Degree in General Medecine


  • American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Conference, Washington, D.C. (November, 2007)
  • Regional Planning for Haiti Response, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (July, 2005)
  • Prevention and Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Disease, Atlanta, GA (July, 2003)
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease Seminar, Houston, TX (November, 2002)
  • Mobilization Seminar on HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Houston, TX (2001)
  • Seminar on Child  Welfare and Child Care for Orphaned AIDS Children, Jacmel, Haiti (1999)
  • Seminar on Assistance to Orphan and HIV/AIDS children, Kigali, Rwanda (January, 1998)
  • Seminar on and planning of Immunization Campaign for the Great Lakes, Bukavu, Zaire (December, 1997)
  • Seminar on HIV/AIDS (HIV ‑ DEVELOPMENT), Action Plan 1998‑2000, Goma, Zaire (August, 1997)
  • Tuberculosis training PATI III, for Regional Doctors, Kivu, Zaire, (May, 1997)
  • Seminars on HIV/AIDS, Tobacco and Substance Abuse prevention. Burlington, New Jersey (1996)
  • Seminar on Integrated Management of Child Health, USAID, WHO&UNICEF, Jacmel, Haiti (May, 1994)
  • ARI AMERICA U.N Regional Planning , PAHO ‑ WHO, UNICEF; Santa Cruz, Bolivia (February, 1993)
  • EPI AMERICA U.N Regional Conference, ROTARY INTERNATIONAL, Guatemala City (August, 1992)
  • EPI Regional Officers Meeting, UNICEF – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (May, 1992)
  • EPI Information and Mobilization Seminar, Rotary Club International, Petion-Ville, Haiti (November, 1991)
  • Control of Diarrheal Diseases training, (PAHO ‑WHO & UNICEF) Mexico City (May, 1991)
  • Intensive Community Medicine training, (AOPS), Port-au-Prince, Haiti (May, 1984)
  • Prevention and Control of Tuberculosis training, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (April, 1983)


Fluent in French, English, Creole, working knowledge of Spanish, and some Swahili