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The President of the United States, Barack Obama issued a speech immediately after the January 12th, 2010 earthquake that crippled the capital of Haiti instantaneously without any warnings to anyone in the country. The President’s statement was made in an effort to encourage the American people and the world to become aware of the tragedy faced by the Haitian people. Also, the President made an appeal to the world and asked them to open their hearts and extend their support to the victims of Haiti and rebuild the country.

A few countries immediately responded to the emergency relief to the cry of the Haitian people for help. Also, there were contingency plans from the United States for the American military troops to be deployed in Haiti to conduct Emergency Aid. Upon their arrival at the Toussaint Louverture Airport of Port-au-Prince, the Aid could not be channeled to the victims as a result of major barriers that prevented delivery of emergency aid. In front of such situation and the level of suffering of the victims, a group of Haitian physicians lead by Dr. Joel S. Charles, a longstanding practicing physician in Haiti, a former UNICEF officer, took initiative with the collaboration of faith based, youth movement and platform, women and other national organizations to issue a Press Note as a civil society (state private sector) to authorize access to the American Aid. The initiative was baptized “INITATIVE NATIONALE POUR LA COORDINATION DE L’AIDE HUMANITAIRE” and later authorized and registered under the name of “Initiative Nationale pour la Coordination de l’Action Haitienne” keeping the same acronym: (“INCAH”).

INCAH, in Delmas, represented ground zero for the rescue and initial life saving medical treatment; provided trauma emergency care as soon as the schism occurred. INCAH was able to continue to develop additional humanitarian aid and services as far as Food Distribution, Mediate health care, immediate shelter through youth mobilization and empowerment. Later, INCAH became more involved in the domain of psycho-social approach and protection of women, children and the newly physically challenged in the camps.

INCAH at the present moment has incorporated more than 400 hundred camps of displaced victims originally referred to as: “Association des centres d’Hebergement” (ACHS) and each is under the direction of a manager assisted by 25 supervisors.

INCAH is actually looking to be incorporated in the plan for the reconstruction of Haiti by tangible integration to represent, not only women, also Haitian youths, scholars and students from all over the world in order to prepare the future of Haiti. Therefore, we are in the process of developing means in order to enhance such an important goal. We are approaching everyone and many organizations willing to provide support to effectuate the renaissance of a people.