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Youth Empowerment and Development

The mission of INCAH is to rebuild Haiti by investing in the Haitian youth. INCAH believes that in order to rebuild this country, we must invest in human development through leadership, mentoring and empowerment. ____________________________________________________________________________ The objective of this program is to support youth education and knowledge in many areas such as: environmental awareness, social […]


The President of the United States, Barack Obama issued a speech immediately after the January 12th, 2010 earthquake that crippled the capital of Haiti instantaneously without any warnings to anyone in the country. The President’s statement was made in an effort to encourage the American people and the world to become aware of the tragedy […]


You can provide immediate support to INCAH through our PayPal account, via GHRCI, our U.S. donation manager. 100% of your donations go to supporting vital programs for earthquake relief, and ongoing sustainable solutions consistent with U.S. and U.N. goals.  Reference:  INCAH support for Haitian Recovery.


INCAH is currently developing and implementing the following projects: Development of the foundation INCAH Woman Empowerment Youth Empowerment and Development Foster Child Assistance, Children Protection and Development Health Mobile Clinic Social Psychological Health Program Reforestation and Tree Nursuries

Dr. Joel Charles Bio

SUMMARY Many years experience in Public Health and Development in the Caribbean, Africa and the United States.  Extensive background in the development, implementation and evaluation of Public Health and Emergency Programs including Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD’s), HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB) and febrile diseases, Expanded Program of Immunization (EPI), Integrated Control of Diarrheal Diseases (CDD), Chronic and Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI), Motivational, Youth and Women Programs.  Experienced in advocacy, training and development of prototype curricula for mobilization, education for various health professionals.  Read More

Latest News

INCAH Annual Report 2013

INCAH ANNUAL REPORT 2012-2013 Download PDF This is a summary report which includes the many activities conducted by INCAH such as the medical activities plus the results of the clinical findings conducted by the INCAH Organization in post-earthquake Haiti. It discusses the statistical findings from the sample populations in various localities mostly inaccessible remote, slums areas and tent cities built after the turmoil of 2010 across Haiti. This informative narrative details the collaborative... 

Dr. Charles working with a patient: Mobile Clinic

INCAH Mobile Clinic Needs Your Help

In the recent months, Dr. Charles has been doing his best to travel to different regions in need of medical care. With the limited budget that is present, things have been extremely difficult without a car and proper funding. He has been  motorcycle for inaccessible regions. And has recently  had a motorcycle accident. An official vehicle for INCAH is an important goal for the organization. As well as additional funding to cover the expenses for medicine as it is very expensive.  The...